Election Team District

District is the electoral team that wants to take charge of Industria next year. We organize lots of fun activities for the students of Campus Group T in order to prove ourselves for next academic year. At the end of the year, you will be able to vote for the District team and we hope, of course, to be able to represent you next year!


Industria takes over a certain district of the student union landscape of Leuven. Us as an election team want to be the next responsibles of the little district.

Specifically, we want to put focus on further building Industria’s internal structure and focus on student reach and providing more value to the student. Internal structure and functioning includes the relationship with Recup (Fakbar) and making sure everyone feels comfortable within the team. Only when the right communication channels are used and the right preparations are made can the union work optimally. Under the student reach and bringing more value to the student, many things can be understood. Industria has the possibility to have a positive influence on the student life of every student at Group T and this is something that can be put to better use. Offering better communication regarding the workings, activities and opportunities that Industria provides is already an improvement. But think also of organizing workshops related to mental well-being, graphic design … and offering all necessary school supplies in the KursusDienst (ecological notebooks, slats, pens …). Looking at the above, we would like to take the opportunity during the next working year with Industria to make a community on our campus that supports each other, has fun, thinks ahead and is progressive!


It is important to show students that District can carry the working year of Industria. By organizing several activities, we try to prove ourselves. These activities range from an iconic BSA (Blue Stone Activity) to the staple of the week and then conclude with an unforgettable, if elected, victory party at the beloved Fakbar Recup. You can find out the practicalities of the events on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/DistrictLeuven and our Instagram page https://instagram.com/districtleuven/!

General Giveaway

Welcome to the General Giveaway! Guess the correct amount of District logos hidden in the banner and win awesome prizes! Submissions are possible until Wednesday, May 4, 10 p.m.