The International representatives of Industria aim to unite the Belgian and International students at our campus through a plethora of exciting events. These activities offer both groups a cultural and intellectual exchange.


Our preparation starts way before the first lecture to ensure that we have a range of organized and fun activities planned for the year. During the academic year, we organize events for people with different tastes, including Recup parties, Cantuses, and chess tournaments. We also collaborate with other organizations like other student unions, the administration of Campus Group T, and the Confucius institute.

Student impact

Events like these are very beneficial for the students on our campus. For international students, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with Belgian culture and traditions. For example, our international cantors adopt a more informative approach with an international crowd to teach the rookies how to cantus. For Belgian students, it is an opportunity to meet people from different cultures and attain a new outlook on life while forming everlasting bonds.