Turning 60 is something you only do once, and that goes for a student union too! So because of this anniversary, Industria is organizing some unforgettable events, remembering our history and looking to the future.


A lustrum year should be celebrated. So in the usual Industria fashion, this is done with breathtaking events, numerous gifts and great parties. The icing on the cake for this lustrum year is a magnificent light show called Group T by Light. This audiovisual event tells the story of being a student at Group T! Keep an eye on the activity calendar for the next lustrum activities!

For the future

To keep our history better than ever before and thus be able to enjoy and look back at beautiful memories within many decades, we are starting an archive. Here we will store posters, flyers, photographs, memorabilia and much more form our current and future events. Next to this, we will also look into the past for input for this archive. So if you have something you want to add to this archive, please be sure to contact us at