Official documents

On this page, in addition to our statutes and internal regulations, you can also find all the reports of the past General Assemblies.

Statutes and Internal Regulations

The statutes are the basic rules of the association. Among other things, they define the rights and duties of the board and the praesidium and they structure the association. The Internal Regulations is a collection of rules that support the Statutes and concretise the functioning of the association.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the decisive power of the association. It is composed of all working and advisory members and is chaired by the chairman of Board and is competent for:

The General Assembly must be convened at least three times a year: on at least one of the three there will be one approval of the budget of the coming financial year, one approval of the accounts of the previous financial year and one for the transfer of the management of the coming financial year. Furthermore, the General Assembly is convened as often as the purpose of the association requires.