About Industria

Industria is the student association of the Faculty of Industria Engineering KU Leuven Group T. We defend your interests as a student, support you in your studies and organise all kinds of fun, cultural and sporting activities.


The Praesidium of Industria is divided into various functions. Each function is responsible for its own range of tasks. Each function is usually headed by a vice who is responsible for the coordination of his team.

In the 61th year of Industria’s operation, it is the District electoral team that will take on the task of the praesidium.

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Alumni working

Industria is not only committed to Group T students, but also to the alumni of our beloved campus. Throughout the year, we offer a number of activities specifically aimed at alumni. You can participate in these activities at a reduced rate if you purchase an honorary membership.

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Business Relations

Business Relations their mission is to close the gap between students and companies. They strive to connect students with our partners in the most creative and efficient way.

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Official documents

The basic rules of each association are defined in statutes. The statutes are supplemented by the internal regulations. The statutes and internal regulations of our association can be found here.

A report is also kept of each General Assembly and is available to everyone. The reports of past General Assemblies can be found here.

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The T-magazine, als known as the T, is oure montly magazine full of interesting articles and fun games.

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Our Partners