Golden T’s

The Golden T's are back!

Have you ever had a professor or TA who went above and beyond to help you understand a challenging topic? Or maybe a professor who inspired you to pursue a certain career path? Well, now is your chance to show them some love and appreciation!

Industria Education is continuing the yearly tradition of the Golden T’s awards to recognize the best professors/TA’s in Group T, and we need your input for that!

Nominate your favorite professors/TA’s now in the form below! Don’t worry if you can’t come up with someone for each category, you can always come back later. So vote now and help us find the best professors/TA’s!

Much love, Industria Education

Golden T’s

The Big T's

The Big T's are reserved for the professors/ TA's who have excelled at every aspect and deserve the recognition for it. One professor/TA from each specialization gets to be nominated for this.
Feel free to write a small explanation as well!
An assistant is someone that doesn't give the lectures but gives lab & exercise sessions. Feel free to write a small explanation as well!
Feel free to write a small explanation as well!

General Golden T's

Nominate professors/TA from any specialization you want here!
Don't forget to include the quote, we'll publish the best ones on our page.
The smartest professor/TA whose intellect demands respect
Professor or TA whose whiteboard/blackboard notes make for the most beautiful artworks