PAL sessions

From 20 nov 2023 to 18 dec 2023


Group T

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Industria Education en Eerstejaarswerking organiseren dit jaar verschillende PAL-sessies. Een initiatief dat is ontworpen om extra ondersteuning te bieden aan onze eerstejaarsstudenten bij hun academisch leertraject. Ons doel is het bevorderen van proactief studeren en tegelijkertijd hulp te bieden bij verschillende geselecteerde uitdagende vakken.

Tijdens deze sessies krijg je de kans om deel te nemen aan groepsdiscussies onder begeleiding van meer ervaren studenten. Deze ervaren studenten zijn in samenwerking met Groep T opgeleid tot officiële Pal Tutors. Zij zullen je begeleiden bij meer uitdagende oefeningen en examenvoorbereidingen voor enkele moeilijke vakken.


Industria Education is organising several PAL sessions this year. An initiative designed to provide additional support to our first-year students in their academic learning journey. Our aim is to promote proactive study while providing assistance in several selected challenging subjects.

During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to participate in group discussions under the guidance of more experienced students. These experienced students have been trained as official Pal Tutors in collaboration with Group T. They will guide you through more challenging exercises and exam preparations for harder subjects.

These sessions take place at Group T and are for all first year students, Dutch and International. So be sure to save dates in your calendars!


The following courses will be handled:

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The following courses will be handled:

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To do these session, we need you to tutor. So if you want to help the first years and want to learn some teaching skills yourself, be sure to subscribe! Together with KU Leuven, we will provide a training session on October 19th at 18h00. This training focusses on how you can tutor in the most optimal way for your students. As you will be working as volunteers, you will get rewarded with Industria crew points and with a notification of your newly gained skills in your E-portfolio (can be used on your CV!).

Subscription link is same as above, but you have to scroll down a bit: