Theatre: Starry Messenger

15 mei 2024

Members: €4
Non-members: €5


In a groundbreaking collaboration between Industria and Group T, history is being made as a unified group prepares to represent the union at the esteemed Interfaculty Theater Festival. The chosen production? An adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s timeless classic, ‘Life of Galileo.’ This selection is no mere coincidence; rather, it’s a deliberate choice rooted in the profound parallels between the challenges faced by the play’s protagonist and those encountered by engineers navigating the frontier of discovery.

As Galileo grapples with the repercussions of presenting his groundbreaking proof, we witness a tapestry of reactions unfold—from his own inner turmoil to the skepticism of household members and the resistance of authorities. This intricate interplay of responses mirrors the familiar terrain of innovation, where each new revelation sets off a cascade of interpretations, reshaping our understanding of the world.

The resulting production is a dynamic exploration of the human experience in the face of paradigm shifts, capturing both the wonder and the unease that accompany the acquisition of new knowledge. We invite you to join us for this captivating journey on the evenings of May 13th, 15th, and 16th, at the enchanting Zwartzusterkapel in Leuven. Showtime is at 8:00 PM, and we promise an unforgettable theatrical experience.


DOORS: 19h30
LOCATION: Zwartzusterstraat 2