To make sure everything runs smoothly, a team is of course needed and the team of such a student association is the praesidium. The team that is going to make Industria experience a smashing year this year is Eternal!

The praesidium of Industria is divided into different functions. Each function is thus responsible for its own range of tasks. At the head of each function is usually a vice, who is responsible for the coordination of his team.

In the 60th year of Industria’s operation, it is the electoral team Eternal that will take on the task of the praesidium. More about the election of an electoral team can be found here. Below is an overview of the vision and the members of Eternal.


The objectives of the vision are divided into Internal and External.


This includes inter-union relations, the connection with Groep T and the general image of Industria towards the students of Groep T and the rest of Leuven.

Inter-union relations

In previous years, we focused hard on building relationships with different unions. Here with Industria we have really shown that we are there by working together with many different unions and coming off with several strong activities. With Eternal, we will maintain all the connections and collaborations we have built with Industria. Not by organizing the exact same events, but by re-establishing collaborations with these unions. These inter-union relationships do not have to stay within Leuven either. The connections with all engineering disciplines in student cities such as Ghent, Geel, Antwerp, Diepenbeek,… have been established and the further development of these relationships is important for future collaborations.

The connection with Groep T

The support and cooperation of the campus is very important for Industria to be and become a bigger union. During the year we would actively strive to build a good relationship of trust with Group T. The Lustrum year plays very nicely into this and gives us a chance to enter into various collaborations with Group T. Also, together with Group T, we would like to continue working on the “Living Campus” feeling, making the students feel welcome on our beautiful campus.

The general image of Industria towards the students of Groep T and the rest of Leuven

This term is very broad, our priorities are of course the students of our campus. This is where we will focus the most, but through a general image improvement the rest of Leuven will follow. The social media channels Industria now owns will be further developed and applied more concretely. A specific social media plan is necessary for each activity in order to reach a maximum number of students.


Internal structure

A number of adjustments have been made to the internal structure of Industria. This with the aim of having a more efficient and better focused working with opportunities for growth. The International and Communication functions have thus undergone internal changes. Here, the goal is to be able to better represent the International students and to have a more efficient communication towards the students of Group T

Team presentation


Vice Education

Groevers and OC BI/CH

Ivan Badenhorst


OC Poly and EA

Alexander Konstantinov


StII and OC Poly

Dylan Vroonen


StII and OC EM

Ste Kutrzeba-Kotowska



Christiana Galani


STURA mandate holder

Jiaze Kong


Groevers and 2+2 program

Liliia Samchuk


STURA mandate holder

Sudarshan Iyengar


OC EA and Educational Events