Business Relations

As our name suggests, the business relations team strives to bridge the gap between students and the industry. We strive to connect our students with our partners in the most creative and efficient way. Throughout the academic year we organize a plethora of events, ranging from a large job fair to smaller events focused on one sector to niche workshops. As a student or as a company you can choose exactly which of all these contact points suits your taste.

For our students

For our students we offer a variety of different events, these can range from our annual job fair and sector nights, to grand and creative atrium events. These events all focus on creating opportunities for you to become more informed and make connections with companies that might become your future. Your (future) job is very important and we want to maximize the opportunity of you finding your dream job. Therefore we encourage you to stay up to date with our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These are the platforms where you will be able to find our events and meet people who will open doors for you!

For our (future) partners

As Industria we want to give you the best opportunities to find your dream employee, however our focus will always be to create the best activities for our students. That is why we love to work together to create new and interesting activities where you can meet a variety of different students. As you might not yet know us fully, we recommend you look into our folder that is linked below. Here you can find general info about Industria and a short introduction into what we can do for you.
If you would want to have some more information, go take a look at the Business relations page for our (future) partners!


Our vision

Industria is an organization for and by industrial engineering students of various nationalities. Within Industria, the different teams are elected by students, to make sure we have the best people for the job. As Industria, we strive to be professional and create quality of the highest degree. Within Industria, the Business Relations team tries to bridge the gap between students and companies.
The upcoming academic year, we would like to focus on the flexibility and endless possibilities we can offer. As problem solving is part of being an engineer, we will never hold back from a challenge. That is why we encourage everyone we work with to be creative! Resulting from this mentality, leadership and entrepreneurship are developed to prepare students for the job market.

Job fair & sector nights

It is a annual tradition to have a job fair and a set of sector nights. Every year the Business Relations team works their creative magic to present their students with a grand job fair and a set of sector nights for the students of Group T to interact with businesses and find opportunities for their future jobs. While the job fair provides the possibility for a large amount of companies to meet all of the students of Group T, the sector nights are only opened for a select few companies based on the sector they are active in, and provide a more interactive face-to-face situation with students who plan to work in that field as well.


We are proud of our partners. In this section we present to you this year's partners!