communication [kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuhn] the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated. This is what people do in the workgroup of communication, they inform students and create and interest for what will soon to be. Let them know where and when they have to be for games, parties, cantusses, etc.

T Magazine/Flyer

T Magazine
The T magazine has a new design since 2020/2021, the weekly booklet has been replaced by a monthly magazine. The editors provide the design and theme for that month and then look for people who want to write an article or conduct an interview. After gathering all the information, we bundle it inside the magazine and hand it out to the students.

T Flyer
The T flyer is new since the 20-21 academic year and replaces the weekly T. The idea was to bundle, information and entertainment. Collecting information about upcoming events and designing the flyer is one of the weekly assignments of our working group.

<strong>Social Medi</strong>a

Social media is increasingly present and our working group aims to actively involve students in what Industria does and to show them what is happening behind the scenes. Messages sent via facebook, instagram, etc. are answered by members of our workgroup. At the request of the other working groups, we make banners, posters and various graphic design for the events and ensure that they are posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Graphic design

The graphic design part is more than just banners. Sometimes industria provides a gift for students; professors or if we want to inform the students in a different way, our working group is also called upon. Some examples are: the company booklets for the job fair, the prints for T-shirts. The Communication working group is the creative support for the other working groups.