Now that there is a prospect of life after Covid-19, it is time to bring our success formula to life. In 2022 we will again organize a physical and virtual job fair.

The tried and tested formula consists of a large physical fair that will take place on 24 February in the Sportoase in Leuven. The virtual fair will then open at 5 pm and will remain accessible until the end of August 2022. In this way we create numerous opportunities to bring you, the students, in contact with the companies and vice versa. 


More than 50 companies already signed up for the Entrepreneur’s Day.  They will be well prepared thanks to your resume that they could consult in advance.  So be well prepared to meet them yourself.  UPLOAD YOUR CV and take part in the following WORKSHOPS


Companies and organizations will be well prepared thanks to your resumes that they can consult in advance.  That is why it is important to create your CV on our virtual platform. You have time to upload it until after the Job Fair but if you want to be included in the competition, make sure to upload it before the 8th of February!

Through the following links you will find a more detailed explanation on how to upload your resume on our virtual platform, Expopolis.

For Group T students, click here!
For non Group T students, click here!

Do you need help in writing your CV? Make sure to check out the tips and tricks of Student Career Center!


Very strong CVs will be rewarded!

The 5 best personal resumes will be rewarded with some nice prizes. In order to participate, you have to upload your CV on the Expopolis platform by the 8th of February 2022!

1. Beamer of a value of 249€
2. Air fryer of a value of 189€
3. Fitbit of a value of 149€
4. Coffee machine of a value of 87,99€
5. Bluetooth head phones of a value of 79,99€

This is our CV check-list:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Not KU Leuven email
  • Original and concise elevator pitch
  • Link with the vacancy/dream job
  • Unique skills with demonstration of experience to prove each skill
  • No spelling errors
  • Maximum 2 pages
  • Simple and clear layout 

More information on the tips and tricks of the Student Career Center to know on what criteria your CV will be assessed on!


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How to sell yourself by Exellys 

Date: 8th November 2021
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Location: GT 03.11.04/05

Not everyone has a natural talent for sales, and when what you’re trying to sell is yourself, things become even more difficult for many of us. We want to convey our strengths, but we don’t want to come across cocky or arrogant. So how can you best present yourself to a company? How can you highlight your strengths and your personal brand in the professional world? In this workshop, students discover how to create their own personal brand (by also referring to the Insights framework) , and how to incorporate it into their CV and LinkedIn page. We conclude this workshop with some helpful do’s and don’ts to ensure a successful job interview. 
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Productivity hacks by Exellys 

Date: 15th November 2021
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Location: GT 03.11.04/05

Are you often feeling stressed? Do you feel hopeless thinking about all the things that need to be done? Do you recognize the frustration of working all day, and feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing? Then you might need some help increasing your productivity. 

During this workshop, students learn how to get things done. They’re given useful tips on how to increase productivity and end each day with a feeling of accomplishment and self-assurance. 
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Linkedin Starters guide by Exellys

Date: 22nd November 2021
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Location: GT 03.11.04/05

When it comes to your career, the potential of LinkedIn is huge. More than 90% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to look for recruits and the professional networking platform is only gaining in popularity. Students often think that LinkedIn is only useful for people with at least some professional experience, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, the penultimate year is probably the ideal time to do it. There’s more data than you think that you can add right away. 

In this workshop we have a closer look at all the building blocks of a LinkedIn profile and how students can set them up to maximise their chances of success. We’ll also be covering the do’s and don’ts of building a network and getting started with content sharing on the platform. 

CV Screening by Student Career Center

Date: 6th December 2021 and 14th February 2022
Time: 11:00 – 14:00
Location: Atrium

Start working on your career during your studies! The Student Career Center wants to prepare you for the transition to the job market. Take a look at their activities calendar with all the initiatives for graduating students. More info?

More information on our Facebook event!
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Getting connected with the engineering market by Ausy

Date: 16th February 2021
Time: 10:00 – 12:00, 13:30 – 15:30, 16:00 – 18:00
Location: TBA

Ever wondered what kind of engineer you want to be? But the question is, do you even know what the options are? What salary can you expect and score a job you actually understand? Thankfully Ausy will answer all those questions and introduce you to the engineering market and to all the tips you need to know to get the job you want.

At first, a presentation will be given and then, it will be followed by an interactive workshop putting into practice the useful information you have learned during the presentation. Three sessions will be organised throughout the day to keep the sessions more “private” with just a few people so that everyone can actively participate!


Make the most of the Entrepreneur’s Day! The fair is the ideal time to meet in person with numerous employers. With the tips of the Student Career Center you will get the most out of this event, because good preparation is worth its weight in gold! 
Get to work beforehand with the test tool of the PREFER project: get a picture of yourself and explore the great variety of engineering roles on the job market.
Introduce yourself briefly and powerfully during the fair so that companies immediately know whom they are talking to. Avoid the clichés and dare to stand out with a well-prepared elevator pitch. Get started with the Toledo module Elevator Pitch.
After the fair, also add the contact via Linkedin. Learn in the video series Networking via LinkedIn how to use your online profile in your job search. 
More tips: before, during and after the fair? Take a look at the Student Career Center.


Hannah Agten, PhD-student 

I graduated in the Master’s in Biochemical Engineering Technology in 2017, but it was during the Entrepreneurs’ Day in 2016 that I realized I wanted to do a PhD. By talking to people at the fair, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to get an extra degree for the job I wanted to do. 

Take a look at her testimonial in the video!

Johan Yssel

Two years in a row I attended the Entrepreneurs’ Day and I was amazed by the diversity of job opportunities that are available. It made me realise that, as an engineer, you can be deployed very broadly in the labour market: from the food industry to pharmacy. 

Watch his testimonial in the video.

Yante Van Ham, Electronics and ICT engineer, technical consultant at AE NV

As the end of my final year at Group T drew closer, the pressure to choose a suitable job increased. I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted to do: I wanted to become a front-end engineer with a focus on user experience, to design and build user interfaces. I figured I would find that job in a small company (maybe even a startup?) and consultancy would not be my cup of tea. I assumed the latter was for people that had a more undefined idea of what they wanted to do with their degrees, not for those that had a clear path mapped out. However, at the EA sector night, I got talking with someone that worked at AE NV. I spoke to her about my vision on consultancy and why it was not for me, which she refuted: consultancy can also very well be for people who do know what they want to do. I really wanted to learn a lot of technical and practical skills from my first job: this conversation opened my eyes to a future as a technical consultant, which I have not regretted. For me, these events were not only a place to find a new employer, but also a place to expand my horizon – even when I thought I had it all figured out.

Adrian Baiets, Account Manager at Infinite

In the newspapers you sometimes read about the “war for talent”. The Entrepreneurs’ Day at Group T Campus confirmed this phenomenon: the industry is looking for new talent. For me, the fair was a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with companies from numerous sectors. It gave me a better picture of the wide range of job opportunities that we, as Industrial Engineers, can get to work in (and believe me, there are many!). I found it at least as important to get a better feel for other aspects such as: company culture, the environment, social relevance, career growth opportunities, international cooperation, etc. After all, finding an answer to the question “What after my studies?” can in fact be quite challenging. Tip for the reader who is looking for an answer to this question: spend enough time researching what you want, and especially what you don’t want. You will spend a significant amount of your time in the company where you will be working. It is therefore extremely important that you feel good about this, and that the company philosophy matches what you stand for.
As I approached graduation, I had a good idea of what my ideal job entailed. Besides the job fair, I also owed this to my experience within the Solar Team and the e-Boat Team, as well as the entire training program at Group T Campus and the many conversations with my fellow students, teachers and alumni. I finally found the content of my ideal job as an Account Manager at CadCorner / Infinite. I’ve been working there for almost 3 years now and… What a ride it has been! It turned out even better than I could have hoped. How my days look now, and what developments I’ve experienced in 3 years, I like to tell you on February 24, 2022 at the Entrepreneurs Day. Feel free to visit the stand of CadCorner / Infinite, we are also looking for new talent!

Qian Li, Electronics and ICT Engineer, Pre Sales Engineer at PEC – Leuven

Two decisions have completely changed my life. The first was to continue my engineering studies that I had started in Beijing at Group T Leuven Campus. And the second was to participate at the Entrepreneur’s Day there. At the booth of the high tech company PEC, I found exactly what I was looking for: a versatile job in an international environment. Now I am working with customers worldwide to create new processes and to assist them in setting up successfully new projects. Every year, I look forward to the next Entrepreneur’s Day at Group T Leuven Campus: not to apply for a job but to recruit new talents for my company.

Koen Van Beneden, ING. Electromechanics, General Manager – Personal Systems at HP BELUX

The Group T’s Entrepreneurs’ Day immediately payed off, namely at a real electronics company: HP. I was immediately able to work there as a Sales Representative, a job that was a great fit for me as a former President of Industria and Head of Marketing for the second Solar team. I quickly progressed to Area and then Country Category Manager. Since 2015, I have been General Manager -Personal Systems, responsible for HP’s Computing Business in the Benelux. My job is to satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s customers: not just with high-quality products, but above all with innovative ideas. The fact that I’m still working for the same company after 13 years proves how sustainable the Business Day is. You don’t just find a job there, you discover a career.

Helena Kinnaert, ing Electromechanics, Operations Engineer at Telenet

As a final-year industrial engineer, I initially had no idea what I was going to do after graduation. Looking for a job, yes, but which one and where, that remained a question mark. The Entrepreneurs’ Day at Campus Group T changed that. I was going to put my light on at numerous companies, including Telenet. The Young Grad Program immediately appealed to me. Imagine, the company not only gives you a job but also invests heavily in your professional development. On the same day I sent a motivation letter in addition to my resume. And look: a year later, I’m at the source of innovation in the telecom world. What’s more, I can and should make a difference. To give an example: I use capacity management to ensure that our customers can use the internet very quickly. And all this thanks to a visit to the Entrepreneurs Day at Campus Group T. An additional advantage: you don’t really have to look there, the opportunities are there for the taking.