The praeses duo are the chairman and vice-chairman of the association. They ensure that all activities run smoothly and that there is a good team atmosphere.

Praeses duo

We are Mathilde and Wout and this year we will take on the duties of Vice-Praeses and Praeses. We have been active within the Praesidium for several years and we are passionate about the challenge of being at the helm! Together with the great Industria team, we hope to provide quality, valuable and relaxing activities for the Group T student and ensure great student representation!

Taks Praeses and Vice-Praeses

The Praeses is the president of the student union and ultimately responsible for the entire operation. He or she presides over (almost) all internal meetings and keeps an eye on the situation so that all activities are carried out smoothly. He or she is also the contact person for other student unions and the campus.

The Vice-Praeses is the vice president and his or her main task is to maintain a good group atmosphere in het praesidium. For this purpose, team building and evaluation meetings are organized by the VP. If the Praeses is absent for a longer period of time, the Vice-Praeses will also take over the tasks of the Praeses.

The tasks of Praeses and Vice-Praeses often overlap. Therefore, having a good relationship and being a real duo is crucial!