Support is a function that works behind the scenes. You won't often see them in the spotlight, even though they play an essential role in organizing activities. The Support function is further subdivided into different tasks. Logistics workforce is a big part of it, but Support also handles the drink orders and takes care of the storage of all materials. This ranges from climbing harnesses to waffles!


Logistics is probably the function you’ve seen the most without being aware of it. We take care of the stands for the 24-hour run so that not only Industria, but also numerous other circles have a booth. Logistics mainly works on the larger events and collaborates extensively with events. This includes transportation to and from events and lending services in their task package.

The -2

On the bottom floor of Groep T (-2), you can find Industria’s storage space. This is a space where we can store all our equipment. On the -2 floor, there’s a variety of equipment for a wide range of events. We have a range of lighting and sound equipment, as well as tools or even plates and cutlery. When you enter the den, you’ll probably meet our equipment manager. He ensures that the den doesn’t become a mess. In addition to equipment management, drinks & food are also often found in the den. They ensure that thirst is quenched and hunger is satisfied at every activity. Finally, we also have the person who handles all the equipment requests, who also has the insight to see when someone forgets to request something. The equipment in our den is also always available for students to request, so we can ensure that all of Leuven can throw a great party.


Supportfak is the annual party that Support holds in our bar Recup. Here, the whole place is turned upside down and we blow the roof off with amazing drink promos and impressive DJs. Here, the Support team comes out from behind the scenes to show what they’re really capable of. And yes, they’re capable of a lot!


IT is the odd one out at Support. These tasks don’t necessarily belong to our team’s standard task package, but are often taken care of by us. The IT function deals with computer-related matters, so the IT responsible person is in contact with the website developers to solve any ‘bugs’ and implement new features. Other things the function deals with include: maintaining the counting system of the 24-hour run, maintaining Industria’s ‘NAS’, and the mailing lists of the board.